28 oz. Ultra Collection

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32 oz. Deluxe Cut Pile

All of our Corinthian carpets are scotch guarded, UV protected, mold and stain resistant and backed with AquaLoc vinyl rubber. Performance is guaranteed with Corinthian's 3 year warranty. This is the most durable marine carpet on the market. The backing is gentle on your gel coat and won’t break down and leave any unsightly residue on your deck. Once the carpet gets wet just let the sun hit it for a couple hours to dry. This product is designed to dry from the bottom up so it won’t retain water like other foam rubber backed carpets. It’s easy to clean, dries fast and lasts! This carpet truly is the best option for your boat.

Soft Grey

​40 oz. Premium Cut Pile

Riviera Red

​40 oz. Premium Cut Pile


40 oz. Premium Cut Pile

Mariner Blue

40 oz. Premium Cut Pile


32 oz. Deluxe Cut Pile

Thunder Grey

30 oz. Berber

AquaLoc® Carpet Backing


backing is on all carpets shown on this page

Silver Mist

​36 oz. Specialty Berber


A true revolution in marine flooring systems, Corinthian's AquaWeave™ Boat Flooring is a combination of the best vinyl and marine carpet yarns, woven together to add depth and elegance. The backing is HydroFelt, a new system that uses urethane foam and marine felt to ensure you a product that won't melt to the deck, degrade or crumble like other marine backings, yet maintains the soft cushioned feel underfoot. At 102" wide, it's wide enough to accommodate any need. ---Although elegant and beautiful, woven vinyl products have weave that may not run parallel to a cut edge. This is inherent in the material and any wave, bow or skew in the product is considered normal and not a defect. Some styles may also show light and dark shading that is normal and may be evident at areas where pieces meet.

Mica Mist

17 oz. Cut Loop


​40 oz. Premium Cut Pile

Desert Sand

36 oz. Specialty Berber


30 oz. Berber


17 oz. Cut Loop


40 oz. Premium Cut Pile