Why does it cost so much to replace carpet in a boat? 

Below is an example why...

Job Description

  • 40' Sea Ray Express
  • 30 pieces of carpet removed
  • 12'x19' piece of new carpet
  • 3 days to complete the entire job 
    • Day 1 - remove parts of boat and all existing carpet
    • Day 2 - finish removing carpet from all parts, cut new carpet and install on parts at shop
    • Day 3 - install new carpet on boat, put boat back together, clean up and vacuum 

I've heard people say..."It didn't cost that much to replace the living room carpet in my house!" That's correct. Typically, the price of the carpet installed in your house is marked up so they can tell you the labor is free and it probably took them 1-2 hours to complete the job. The majority of the cost to replace the carpet in a boat is labor due to the length of time it takes to complete. An entire house can get new carpet installed in less time than it takes to replace carpet on a boat. So keep in mind the quantity of carpet or size of your interior might not appear to be a lot. The amount of detailed and meticulous work that's involved is difficult to imagine until you actually do the work. 

Smaller boats can be completed in 1-2 days. Larger boats may take an extra day or two. Material other than carpet (such as Lonseal vinyl) may take longer as well. 

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Repaired discolored carpet from battery acid

Repaired torn carpet from dog 




If you've ever tried to install carpet or vinyl flooring in a boat or RV, you know how challenging it can be. Some areas are impossible to reach and the detailed upholstery work when installing carpet on certain areas will require some skill and patience.

Removing the old carpet or vinyl can be challenging since you may need to carefully cut it away from walls and cabinets that were built on top. Some items will need to be taken apart as well so you can properly remove the old carpet giving you a more professional look when the new carpet or vinyl is installed.  

With over 30 years experience installing carpet, I have the patience and meticulous work ethic to take on any size boat or RV. Since I treat every job like it's my own and more like a hobby than a job, I prefer taking my time and focusing on every detail of your boat or RV. 

In addition to installing new carpet and vinyl flooring, I can repair stained or damaged flooring from cigarette burns and torn or chewed up carpet from your dog (as shown in the before and after photos at right).

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