Antique & Ivory

Walnut & Holly


Teak & Ivory

Update your boat by replacing the cabin carpet with easy to clean Lonseal vinyl flooring

Teak & Ebony

Maple & Teak

Solid Teak

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Teak & Holly

Mahogany & Holly

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Lonmarine Wood is Lonseal's high-performance, slip-resistant marine safety flooring. This 6' wide heavy duty rolled vinyl is maintenance free and lasts longer than other wood products on the market. Since it's typically one piece on most boats, it's easy to clean because there are no gaps in the seams like other flooring that typically have spaces for dirt or water to get between. Other flooring also has the chance for separation due to expansion and contraction caused from extreme hot and cold weather conditions. Lonseal offers many other products for the following applications (in addition to marine) such as healthcare/assisted living, corporate & education, fitness, retail & hospitality, displays & fixtures, exterior decking, exhibits & entertainment, aircraft, military and specialty vehicles such as ambulances.