New Snap-In Cockpit Carpet Makes A New Boat!

Templates may be available. Please email us the year, make, model and size of your boat.



We're extremely proud and excited to offer our online boat carpet replacement service for your cockpit. We have been in the custom boat carpet business since 2004 and have been providing boaters in our area with quality service, and a quality product. Now we are offering that same service and quality online! All you must do is complete these three easy steps listed below and your boat will be looking as good as new with our top of the line marine carpet! All of our carpets are UV protected and stain guarded to insure that this carpet will last. Our carpets are made with Aqua-Loc ribbed vinyl rubber backings. This is the most durable and reliable backing on the market!


To request a quote complete the steps below. Upon completion of these steps submit the information through the site or email. Once a request is received a quote will promptly be emailed to you. If the price is agreeable, you will be given an option to pay. Once your old carpet or template is received, your carpet will be cut, bound, and shipped directly to you.

Step 1 - Make a Drawing

The first step in replacing your boats existing carpeting through our online service is to

print the graph sheet.

Once you have printed the graph sheet, go to the boat and make a drawing of each

desired piece of carpet. To be sure the drawing is to scale, use the graph

paper (each square equals 6 inches).

Once the drawing is complete label each piece with the widest and longest measurements.

Please try to make your drawing should resemble the example drawing shown here.

A good drawing with precise measurements will make determining the amount of carpet

you need much more accurate.

After the drawing is completed please write your full name and make and model of the

boat in one of the top corners to prevent any confusion.

Step 2 - Select Your Carpet (If you'd like Infinity or Corinthian vinyl please call us)   

Step 3 - Select Your Binding

Step 4 - Submit Your Order

Fill out the form below, upload the scanned template and submit your quote request electronically. Or, you can print the form and mail it to us.

All fields below are required so that we can produce an accurate quote, estimate shipping costs and contact you by your preferred method.